Paradise Valley, Montana

Healing Light Retreat – Free Healing for All

The Healing Light Retreat is a nondenominational healing center that welcomes all who seek wholeness and healing. It is located near Emigrant, Montana in the Paradise Valley area. The Healing Light Retreat is meant to be a secondary healing retreat for Mother Mary’s devotees in the West.


MISSION: The Healing Light Retreat offers free holistic health services and education to all who seek to improve and renew their health.

VISION: The Healing Light Retreat welcomes and supports all who desire healing and education. We envision hundreds—and then thousands—of souls traveling to our retreat or visiting our website to receive healing, renewal and teachings on wellness.


Healing Temple


Vaastu Temple

A beautiful temple was built on the property to assist in healing. The temple is a vaastu garba, an energetic, awakened building ensouled by a deva which provides life giving energy and insight into what is required for healing.   Often people receive inspiration on their life’s path when they visit the temple.

A garden and meditation area surrounds the temple to nurturing the body, mind and soul  and provide space for relaxation and rejuvenation. This environment increases the understanding of what is required for wholeness and provides the impetus for healing. Many people are not aware of their ability to heal their own body. 

Please come and visit the Healing Light Retreat. Experience the healing energies of the vaastu temple. Or request a healing through our website. It is a retreat still in-the-making, for there is more development yet to come.

Featured Healing Practitioner

Dr. Nancy Lach, a Chiropractic Physician since 1986, is passionate about nutrition and helping empower people to achieve optimum health. Dr. Nancy’s practice is focused 100% on healing through nutrition. She is one of only 500 advanced clinically trained practitioners in Nutrition Response Testing and has been helping patients achieve better health through custom designed nutrition programs since 2007.  Her practice is in Corvallis, OR where she has lived with her husband and four children since 2002.



Dr Nancy Lach's Keys to Restoring Health


Dr Nancy Lach's Advice on Mindful Eating

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Book Review by Nancy Lach


Inner Secrets—about our Sun, Earth, Birth, Life and Death by M. Victoria Davis, self-published, 2020.

Inner Secretswas a delight to read. The stories were engaging and fun. The spiritual information was fascinating. Although I have been a student of the ascended masters for 40 years, there were a lot of new revelations for me shared in this book. It gave me an expanded awareness of the universe and how we fit into the plan for a golden-crystal age to manifest. I highly recommend this book!--Nancy L.


“I have post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Spending time in a vaastu temple provides me with calmness and I am a happier person. I go to the temple to meditate if I am upset or tired; the sense of peace I receive is so profound. As I feel the living energy of the building; I have clarity about my life. If I require rest, peace, physical healing or I desire to figure out a problem; the temple gifts that to me. The more time I spend in the temple, the more these changes take effect at a physical level.”  - Vidya C.  9/29/17

“The temple energy helps the plants grow along with permaculture practices in a harsh environment.” - Mona L.  9/29/17

“The temple deva is really easy for me to hear and I learn things from her. She told me she will charge crystals placed inside the temple with her vibration. I can distribute these crystals to people and places around the world. She will send beneficial light and energy through these crystals.
              The temple deva gets to the root of the problem in my psychology that is causing illness.  A person has to change at a fundamental level of consciousness to heal and has to desire to change.  Meditation in the temple helps me understand and overcome my bad habits.” - Jeanette W. 9/28/17

“Intuitive types tell me the energy is really great and strong inside the temple. My personal experience with the temple is that it is a place of total peace and serenity like being sealed in a bubble of light.  The space gives ready access to the inner realms.” - Robert B. 9/28/17

“I have visited 3 different vaastu temples and have felt the strength of the energy in the center and in the corners of each one.  I felt a strong spiral in the center and a nice resonance when praying.  I had a sense of being in a higher frequency so precious and sacred.  I noticed changes in each town as the energy grew in the temple.  People were more joyful, active, prosperous, and youthful.” - Patricia M.  9/28/17

“I started using the healing thought/heart forms to help me work through the process of my personal healing.  I had done the best that I could do in a dispute with my neighbors over a strip of land.  I had to let go of the pain I felt when they did not accept a compromise plan and a possible path for the healing of our relationship to occur.
              This sadness I felt was causing me to delay on accepting their decision and for me to have the freedom to implement my backup plan for the land of creating a fairy garden.  Part of my vison was to buy bags of concrete and let them sit out in the rain, get wet and become hard so I could paint inspiring words on them like ‘ peace ‘ , ‘ harmony ‘ and ’understanding ‘.
              One day while I was at the local hardware store, I was inspired to price bags of concrete.  When I explained to a store employee what I intended to do with the concrete, his face lit up with a big smile and said ‘Lady, do we have a deal for you!’ He told me that they had around 50 bags of concrete that had been left outside in the rain and they were trying to sell them at 10 cents a bag. Immediately I realized this was the answer to my healing meditation and bought all 50 bags for $5.00!
              I am so grateful for this healing as it has removed my blockage to act. I am freed from any sense of guilt and doubt and will continue with the plan to create a beautiful fairy garden.  I am so excited!
              Thank you, beloved Vistala, for this special teaching and blessing!” - Mariah N. 9/20/2017

“The Healing Light Retreat in Paradise Valley has a wonderful temple that I have meditated in many times and have always had a wonderful experience. Just walking to the temple makes me feel good and once inside I feel like I’m in a safe haven away from all the stress and heavy energy of the world.
              The energy is soothing inside the temple and allows for the perfect meditation of stilling the mind, calming the nerves and allowing peace, love and kindness vibrations to enter my being. Just that alone is healing and inspirational. The light is spiritual in nature and feels very pure to me. I would recommend folks to experience the temple.
              I also love the colored soft glass pieces on the ground protectively around the temple. It sparkles and is so pleasing to my eyes. The surrounding area of the mountains and open country also adds to the temple experience. Such a gem of a retreat and I am grateful for all the times I have spent there.” - Cathleen H. 7/28/17

“One day my daughter called me from her home in Seattle, Washington.  She was rather distressed as she had a growing lump on her back that was very painful and everything she had tried to affect its healing failed.  She was very concerned that it could be cancerous.  She was a licensed acupuncturist and was presently attending university to become a Nursing Assistant so was aware of all the potentialities involved.  I told her I would call for a healing thoughtform to be placed around the lump in question and it should be okay in a couple of days.  
              She, of course, was very skeptical about it but told me to go ahead not really expecting anything from it.  Two days later she called me back with great excitement.  The lump had totally disappeared and all the pain with it.  She had become a believer - at least for a while anyway.  This was the first time I used this simple application on someone else and at a long distance away.” - Maydell G. 7/1/16

“I asked Maydell to use the healing thoughtform for my husband who had developed shingles and was told by a doctor that nothing could be done for him. We live in Arizona. Two days after Maydell made the call for a healing thoughtform to be placed around the area that was affected; the pain he had been experiencing had subsided. Four days later the shingles disappeared. The healing thoughtform also helped my two children who had come down with the chicken pox.” - Jackie F.  9/15/16

Donna lives in Hereford, Arizona and was visiting the Healing Light Retreat with Cathleen H., a dear friend. Donna has a condition called ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis of the spine, vertebra are fused together). She is bent over at the waist, unable to stand up straight.  The following is her experience in the vaastu temple of healing:
              “I sat in a chair in the healing temple and prayed to the presiding Angel Deva for healing and enlightenment.
              A voice told me to ‘get off the chair and kneel.’ I haven't kneeled for a very long time but I did as I was asked.  I continued to pray. Then the voice said ‘Cross your legs.’ I was able to do this with little effort even though my spine is fused and makes kneeling or crossing my legs very difficult.
              The voice then said ‘One sip does not quench the thirst.’  (Probably meaning that it takes more than one treatment for full healing to take place.)  I was able to stand up easily and thanked the Angel Deva.
              When I was outside I realized that for the first time in years I was able to get off the floor without assistance or holding on to a surface.  I felt very refreshed and light.”
              Thank you Angel Deva. - Donna C. 8/24/14

“A local gardener having trouble with ligaments in his arm spent 20 minutes in the temple and noticed a big difference.” - Maydell G.  7/1/16

“I called to the temple to fix my hearing.  The next day I had perfect hearing.” - Maydell G. 7/1/16