A small temple, referred to as a “vaastu** garbha,” meaning “energetic building,” has been built on the Healing Light Retreat property. 

Vaastu architecture was developed around ten thousand years ago in ancient India by Brahmarishi Mayan. The purpose of this vaastu garbha is to create higher beneficial frequencies inside and around the building. People who stand within the field of this temple will be raised in consciousness, helping them obtain greater health, wealth and happiness.

Very precise mathematics and building codes are used in its structure to generate a flowfield, which will affect positively the Healing Light Retreat property and radiate out for many miles to help the wellbeing of many within its field of influence.

Vaastu building is based on a grid called the "vastu purusha mandala." According to the Ascended Master El Morya, this grid is the highest of the sciences of the ancients that can be brought to the West at this time. The temples, entire cities, and even civilizations in the past were built on this science. The enlightened ones understood cosmic geometry, the geometry of God, conveyed to them, taught to them by their communion with the sun. 

The science of vastu is reflected in the architectural expressions of temples, forts, houses, palaces, town and city layouts of ancient India and the world. "vastu," spelled with one "a," refers to the science of unmanifest or primordial energy, and "vaastu," spelled with a double “a,” refers to the manifest scientific application to structural architecture that is derived from the unmanifest.

vastu tembple in glastonbury Montana

These structures are destined to become a part of the Aquarian Age landscape through application and design of public, residential and religious buildings as more advanced seventh-age souls come into embodiment with levels of consciousness that can easily comprehend vastu science and building principals. In fact, as you see here, it is already in progress on the planet in certain areas. 
The vaastu temple on our retreat is a temple of healing where people may take time to go within to absorb healing energies, as directed by the angel deva, depending on their particular problem or condition.



The inside of the temple is in the shape of a 7' x 7' cube, open at the ceiling, which is pyramidal. It has pale green walls and a slightly darker green ceiling and floor. The entire temple represents a talisman formed into an emerald cubic matrix that was deposited within the temple while under construction by the Angel of Truth on the green ray. This unseen talisman is made up of higher frequencies, not visible to the human eye, designed to emit powerful emanations and activities of the green ray, which are abundance, healing, music, mathematics, science and truth. Divine truth is the main focus of the talisman and the temple.

healing light retreat


The temple is very beautiful in design and appearance, well built with exquisite detail that enhances its outer form. It is surrounded by what is called an energy wall, or fence, with attractive double-gate doors. The wall is three-and-one-half feet high and slightly under seven feet away from the temple on all four sides. The wall contains the energy from the temple and allows it to penetrate into the earth, and maintains and increases the concentration of energy within the temple itself. The qualities the temple emanates are abundance in all areas, shakti power, enormous goodness, victory over time, long life, space element/supreme consciousness, spiritual bliss and awakening, siddha yoga, health and wellbeing. The temple energy form is Saraswati.

The design, science and supervision of the temple building were provided by Dr. Jessie Mercay, author of the book, The Fabric of the Universe, and her student Jackie Fleder. From her home in Patagonia, Arizona, Dr. Mercay teaches the ancient science of Vastu, developed by Brahmarishi Mayan. Dr. Mercay is Chancellor of the American University of Mayonic Science and Technology, www.aumscience.com, where anyone can learn to build vaastu structures through her two-year program. The building of a number of vaastu garbhas and vaastu houses has been personally supervised by Dr. Mercay both in the United States and India.



An angel deva is a vital, living intelligent presence, though unseen by the physical eye. Our temple has its own lovely angel deva, protecting this holy space and blessing all who enter. 

For more on Vastu go to www.aumscience.com

What is Vastu Shastra? 

Why the program at AUM University is different. The importance of Vastu Shastra:


*Vastu is unmanifest divine evergy

**Vaastu is divine energy manifest in the world of form such as a building, tree or flower.