HeartStreams from the Healing Light Retreat
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8/11/21 18m Lanello Lanello: Access the Inner Verities of Your Soul
7/14/21 11m Padre Pio Padre Pio on the Sanctuary of the Heart
7/14/21 13m Jesus Jesus' Vision of the Holy City
10/14/20 28m Zorah Zorah Brings a Dispensation of Clearance and Healing to the Earth
8/18/20 22m Glad-a-Lot Guy Hudson: Holding Purity of Heart for Ourselves and Others
8/18/20 6m God Harmony God-Harmony: Master the Emotional Body and Claim Your Divine Abundance
6/20/20 1h 59m Virginia Cyclopea and Virginia: Wholeness through Nature’s Emerald Streams
5/19/20 11m David Lewis The Importance of Studying Sacred Scripture and the Masters' Words to Increase the Wisdom Flame Within
5/19/20 16m David Lewis Our Hearts Center High Ideal is Within Our Mission and Vision Statement
10/16/19 15m David Lewis The Choices We Make Affect Our Long Term Health
10/16/19 16m David Lewis An Exposition of Divine Love
9/18/19 33m Mother Mary Darshan with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
8/28/19 9m Surya Surya and Cuzco Increase Solar Radiation to the Earth to Raise Consciousness
8/28/19 26m Hilarion Celery Juice, The Emerald Elixir of Life
8/28/19 19m Lord Ling Shares Details About Himself and How He Works with His Disciples
7/17/19 17m David Lewis How to Receive the Empowerment of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Siddhis
7/17/19 18m Mother Mary Mother Mary: Master Your Psychology to Accelerate Oneness with Your Divine Presence
7/17/19 11m Mother Mary Mother Mary: Our Daily Alchemy to Transform the Earth Through Love
6/20/19 16m Raphael Archangel Raphael's Discourse and Mother Mary's Blessing Given at the Healing Light Retreat, Paradise Valley, Montana
6/20/19 51m Raphael Archangel Raphael's Discourse and Mother Mary's Blessing Given at the Healing Light Retreat, Paradise Valley, Montana
5/1/19 28m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Ascension Day Message
4/24/19 20m Mother Mary Mother Mary Receives the Soul of Beloved Jerome Tweedy
4/21/19 19m Jesus Jesus' 2019 Easter Message
4/17/19 39m Leto Leto: Anoint Others with Sacred Love and Forgiveness and Be Whole in Yourself
5/16/18 18m Angel Deva of Paradise Valley The Angel Deva of Paradise Valley Speaks!
10/11/17 27m Saint Germain Saint Germain: America, I AM Still with You!
10/10/17 22m El Morya El Morya Requests Intense Daily Prayers for 4 to 6 Hours for the Protection of Freedom, America and the Planet
9/13/17 11m Lady Good Will Carla Baughman on the Holy Order of the Mothers of Grace
8/23/17 4m David Lewis 170823 David Lewis
8/23/17 16m Four and Twenty Elders The Four and Twenty Elders Announce the Judgment on False Media
7/5/17 13m Manjushri The Power of Manjushri's White-Fire Blue-Fire Sword
6/18/17 17m Mariel Mariel Speaks on the Mission of the Healing Light Retreat
6/7/17 13m Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light The Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light Expands His Radiance to the Healing Light Retreat
5/17/17 28m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis Says, "Increase Your Inner Fire to Withstand the Rigors of the Path"
4/12/17 7m El Morya El Morya Stands in North Korea and Announces an Action of Cosmic Justice
4/12/17 22m Vistala Vistala Releases Teachings on the Healing Heartform
3/8/17 19m Jesus Jesus Says, “We All Can Choose to Learn to Be Happy with Ourselves”
1/18/17 11m David Lewis Maximus’s Miracle Matrix
12/7/16 31m Lanto Lanto's Maxims
11/16/16 15m Jesus Jesus' Discourse on the Holy City Meditation DVD
10/26/16 12m Jesus Jesus Sends a Ray of Light into the Earth, Impelling Us to Be the Christ
8/17/16 23m Jesus Jesus on the Art of Meditation
7/13/16 39m Raphael Archangel Raphael Delivers a Message of Empowerment and a Personal Call to Action
6/19/16 19m Mother Mary Mother Mary: Healing in the New Age
6/8/16 22m Sanat Kumara Ahura Mazda (Sanat Kumara) Consecrates the Healing Light Retreat in the Healing Light of Love
5/18/16 8m Mother Mary Mother Mary Shares Insights on Healing at a Montana Retreat Center
3/9/16 25m David Lewis The Importance of Going within to Contact God and Other Keys on the Path
2/3/16 24m Mother Mary Mother Mary Previews the Activities and Blessings of Our Upcoming Valentine's Day Event
11/11/15 14m David Lewis 151111 David Lewis
10/7/15 15m David Lewis 151007 David Lewis
9/9/15 21m Laugh-a-Lot Laugh-a-Lot Shares the Import of Communion with Elemental Life and Announces the Ascension of His Twin Fame
8/19/15 13m Mother Mary Mother Mary Establishes a Fountain of Light at the Healing Light Retreat