The Healing Thoughtform was developed in the higher worlds by green-ray scientists from the angelic realm for the use of mankind here below. It can be used by anyone to bring about healing for themselves and others. It does require belief in its application and purity of heart and mind.

Healing Thoughtform



Archangel Raphael first released the healing thoughtform in 1964. “It is composed of concentric spheres of white fire in the center, sapphire blue in the middle and emerald green fire in the outer.” 1

Archangel Raphael tells us that the angels of his bands are master surgeons. “They use laser technology to penetrate to the very core of a cell ... to expand the violet flame from within and then to seal that cell in the healing thoughtform.” 2

We may choose to meditate on this thoughtform for the healing of a specific aspect of our four lower bodies or any outer healing we desire in our world and throughout the cosmos.

We can begin our meditation by entering into pure white light in the center of this mandala. We realize and experience our Alpha/Omega (Father/Mother) consciousness. “Our Father sees” our specific issue we are addressing in the Now while “Our Mother understands” 3 our issue along with its cause and effect. As we focus on this; we are balancing the Alpha/Omega as we sense its oneness.

Then we expand our meditation into the sapphire blue sphere where we establish God’s will to manifest. This action magnetizes and restores our divine inner blueprint as a son/daughter of God.

Our next step is to enter into the emerald green sphere, which brings the continuous flow of healing from Spirit into Matter and making our healing complete.

We realize as we travel through each of the three spheres that the violet laser light is interacting, combining and blending its energies in this alchemical matrix.

In 1995 Archangel Gabriel gave a teaching on the healing power of the healing thoughtform. He said, “All true healers who would heal to the very depths of the psyche of the mentally and emotionally and the physically ill should be apprised of the healing power of the healing thoughtform. And they should be taught to visualize this thoughtform over their spiritual chakras and their physical organs for their own protection in healing work. The use of this thoughtform is not restricted to practitioners of healing, but it is the gift of the angels to all people. Anyone can visualize the green, the blue and white spheres superimposed over the entire body or part of the body that is affected.” 4

This means you!

In recent years, Mother Mary added a “gold ring around the healing thoughtform.” 5


Here is a prayer you may wish to use for the application of the Healing Thoughtform:


“Beloved I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and the healing angels, I call for a healing thoughtform to be superimposed over my ______ and for its healing power to take command according to God's holy will.”

Just as we have faith God will answer our prayers, we have faith that God knows what is required for healing. Exactly how healing occurs in us is often a mystery. The prayer, "Not my will, Father, but Thy will be done” always brings the highest good for the healer and patient. 6 Although we ask for whatever we feel that we need, we surrender our will to God's will, and we have unshakeable faith that God's perfect will is our highest good.


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