The Healing Heartform

The heartform


On April 12, 2017, the healing angel Vistala shared the new healing heartform to be used along with the healing thoughtform for complete healing and wholeness.

The healing heartform is “the immaculate heart-set, the healing heart-set, which wraps the individual in the love-fires of perfect emotional intelligence and the beautiful frequencies of divine beingness from emotions that are pure, feelings that are sublime and the radiances of God's heart that are important for the soul to feel for its perfect healing.

When we feel whole, we can be whole, she says. And so the feeling aspect of this healing heart-set and immaculate heart-set are so important. When people feel less-than or that they cannot get a grip on true emotions or divine feelings, it is hard for them to fully heal at the deepest levels. When they feel cherished and feel that God loves them—and this is something that we all require, to know and feel that God loves us—then the permeation of God's love can take hold within the soul and the healing can begin from deep within, at the soul level, and then expand out through the body temple, the mind, the emotions, et cetera.”


The healing heartform takes us to another level where we feel God’s healing powers. We feel God’s love in its purest form gracing us with the concept of wholeness, being one with our Divine Self.

We can use both the healing thoughtform and the healing heartform to receive a blessing of healing light/love energy for ourself and others.

As we choose to use the healing thoughtform, our Alpha masculine mental concept; alternating with the healing heartform, our Omega feminine emotional concept; we experience purity first (white light), balance the three-fold flame within our heart (yellow, pink and blue spheres) and feel perfect healing in our soul.

As we focus on these ideations, we feel this healing energy expand throughout our body, in our mind and throughout our nervous system and our emotional body.


Here is a link to hear this discourse from Vistala as well as read the text in its entirety.


Vistala is the twin flame of Servatus who commands the healing angels.

Here is a quote from the discourse in regards to the healing heartform itself:

“With this understanding, Vistala also shares with us a new heart-healing concept. Just as we have the healing thoughtform, there is also a healing heartform, and it begins in the center with the white light of perfection. And she would like us to have an image of that, with a fleur-de-lis right in the center, and then above the white are the yellow and then the pink and then the blue.”


Here is another quote given as a prayer we can say:

Servatus and Vistala, come forth now and heal, through the alchemy of your divine magic, the soul—my soul, all souls—with both the healing thoughtform and now the healing heartform. I accept the healing thoughtform over this individual now, and I also accept the healing heartform over them for the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega within the soul, within the mind, the heart, the will. Let that threefold flame come into balance now, O Vistala, as you accept it, see it, know it and embrace it on behalf of this one. And through the balancing of that threefold flame, let them know God within, wholeness within, perfectionment within. Let them Self-realize it and sustain it permanently so that this healing may truly be wholeness at all levels—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This I accept; this I AM in the I AM name of God. Amen.”

A testimonial for using the healing thoughtform:

“I have been using the healing thoughtform and the healing heartform simultaneously. I found myself having a conversation with what I shall now call “My 3 in 1”; (My I AM Presence, My Soul and My Human Ego)! We were in a huddle, discussing my spiritual path as I am continually rising higher in my oneness with God as well as my oneness with all life. As I come up higher so does the collective on the surface of the earth.  I felt my I AM Presence as giving pure white light to My Soul and My Human Ego- very blissful.  At the same time and in the same space My Soul along with My I AM Presence were helping My Human Ego understand an unresolved psychological issue.

As I meditated on these two healing forms and My Oneness with My Individual 3 in 1, I felt such a healing come over me, I was transformed and healed of an emotional pain I had been experiencing and understood its reason for being; I was told on the inner how to replace the human vice that caused this pain and sense of separateness into its divine virtue of bliss and unity with all life.

It was such an amazing experience.  I am so grateful for these teachings and visual aids as they truly can perform miracles!” - Mariah N.  9/9/17