andel deva of the vast templeAt the heart of this temple is an angel deva who is the distributor and director of its energy and was assigned to the temple by a higher being, according to its structure, design and purpose. Angel devas are an order of angelic beings who serve with the elemental forces of nature, assisting them to perform their various functions. Angel devas are the guardian spirits of the mountains and forests. They also ensoul and hold the matrix for the Christ consciousness to be out pictured by the individuals of a particular locale—city, state, nation or continent—or for a particular race, nationality or ethnic group.

At the beginning of the building of our temple, a ceremony was held according to the ancient tradition. One of the participants, gifted with inner sight, was able to observe the birth of the angel deva who was to be the presiding presence of this temple. The following is what was observed by this witness:  

The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 9:40 am, but I arrived about 25 minutes early. I stood a few feet outside the boundary of the future temple, and I placed my attention and feelings upon any energy currents or whatever might present itself within the vicinity. I purposely cleared away what little mental concepts I had of vaastu so as to present an empty slate for impressions to appear without mental filtering or bias, as best I was able. 

I immediately felt and saw what appeared to me to be a deva of sorts, but it had the relative responses and appearance of being a newborn baby. She was only vaguely aware of me and her surroundings and had all the appearance of having been newly thrust, or borne, from a higher level of beingness into the etheric plane where she was to abide with us. I kissed her little hands and cheeks (etherically) and I let pour into her being the blessings and support of my Higher Self. I did this sort of thing for a couple of minutes. I could see that this was a nice welcome and was like water and fertilizer is to a plant. And she started to stir and to be more aware of the other people and of what was to come. 

I spent a few minutes making mental notes on what I was observing and also conversing with the people attending the ceremony. Then I returned to gazing at the deva and the scene. I was very surprised to see her seemingly grown up to the relative appearance and emotional/mental response level of what to us would seem like a twelve-year-old girl. This is a deva so I don’t mean to give people the idea that she looks like a human. I’m using words that characterize in analogy to what I was really seeing.

Their real appearance is like fire beings. But when you look a certain way at them, they do have eyes and they move and glance at you and convey telepathically nuances of communication that can usefully be described in human terms. She was a lot more aware of me and was happy to be there and ready to begin her mission.

I spoke again with someone there onsite for a few minutes and then returned to gazing at the deva at around 9:30 am, ten minutes before the ceremony. This time my impression was of a gloriously beautiful priestess-being with much more awareness—perhaps analogous to a woman in her mid-twenties. She was standing and had begun to do her work of integrating with the site of the temple. I had the impression that she was being directly taught by higher beings as to how to do two main things:

1. She was reaching high into the universal causal body of God where there are all frequencies of infinite energy. She was learning about the nature of all the virtues and frequencies and how these pure light essences can either bless people and situations or neutralize or harmonize any damaging energy patterns in her vicinity or within her field of view, which was quite far.

2. She was reaching down into the earth and the natural elements in the vicinity and connecting herself to them so she could later use them to translate/transfer higher energies into our plane as blessings. I could see that the carbon, iron, silicone and other elements in the soil and surroundings can be conductors for certain frequency ranges of the harmonizing rays she would be anchoring. So she was connecting herself to “stuff” that is natural to the area through which she can, like keys of an organ, pour sound/energy/frequencies through.

At this point she seemed to have an aura which was perhaps 100 feet high and fifty feet wide. Her form, inside the aura, was not that large, but it was hard for me to really differentiate between the form and the aura—in some respects they were not separate. So her size and field of influence had grown a great deal in just twenty minutes.

She was continuing to reach up into the heavens with her consciousness, somewhat like the branches of a tree. And she was continuing to learn to differentiate between all the frequencies and the relative intensities and effects they might have in the earth plane and upon people-patterns. She was continuing to thrust roots into the “earth” as well. These roots had the look of a shock of wheat or perhaps a tree with roots pushing down and branches reaching up. She was also beginning to work more specifically with what we were there to offer to her with the elements of the ceremony that was about to begin. 

When the ceremony began, the temple deva shifted her attention to receiving and integrating her being with the specific substances being offered. By substances I mean that she was able to consume the prayers and good intentions of the people there, like food. She consumed the essences and  frequencies of the offerings and the divine intent behind the offerings—something which greatly enhanced her ability to work as an intercessor in the world of men since we were lovingly consecrating and building for her what was to be part of her “body.”

But I could also see the importance of the various metals and gems being offered. These, as well as the roses, grains, seeds and other offerings supplied the deva with substances she required to “bond” with us and our beneficent intents in building the temple. It seemed to me that perhaps other substances could have been used for this also. But the person who created the “recipe” for the ceremony had divined a special mix of offerings which was very helpful to the devas for purposes of anchoring themselves there and for enabling them to do the special blessing work they do as those who ensoul these temples.

It appeared to me that the Higher Selves of all of us were very active during the ceremony. Some people were probably oblivious to it, but some felt it and were working with it in their waking consciousness. The overall effect was that of creating something (the temple) which had very powerful fields in the astral, mental, etheric, Buddhic, causal, atmic, and octaves beyond. So the “body” of the temple had remarkably powerful counterparts in all of these higher octaves of consciousness and thus could act as a doorway for divine energies to flow from any of these regions of consciousness. And the firing and building of these upper levels included tangible contributions of unique cosmic substances from the Higher Selves of each of the people there present as well as other purely spiritual beings. 

By the end of the ceremony I had been observing these changes for about an hour, and I was simply astonished at the speed and the magnitude of the inner changes. I shifted my gaze to the physical and realized that the temple was still just dirt and mud on the actual site. It was a little odd to see that the deva was already beginning to do her work; I could feel and see waterfalls of light falling on the site and spreading out across the valley, yet the physical temple building was not built yet.

It was a little incongruous to me. But she showed me a little preview of what she would be doing with the builders and how the geometry and finishing of the building would allow her to concentrate and direct the energy much more powerfully and precisely. I can see how the physical nature of the building allows a deva to act much more tangibly than one who is more free-ranging.  And it’s remarkable to see the serene but absolute resolve in the eyes of one like this to do her work and to benefit life. These beings are truly a direct expression or ray of God. 

I see and interact to some degree with angels and devas around me. It requires an effort on my part to push myself up in consciousness in order to sense them and communicate though. So for me it’s not like the passive act of just gazing on the scenery like we do with our physical eyes. I just want to say that I’ve observed nature devas around trees and waterfalls and other nature power centers. They are all very unique and beautiful.

But this deva of the temple was different from all these that I’ve seen before in the relative complexity necessitated by her specifically working with mankind in the way she will. An analogy might be that of the relative differences between a gardener and a physics professor. One is not more important or beautiful than the other. Rather, the wide range of the tasks and duties and the capacity for arcane complexity of thought and action is simply much wider for the latter. This is something that I noticed with this deva and it is memorable. I think it is because she is there to work with people and their concerns. And people can create problems which are very complex and difficult to harmonize. 

I’ve managed to describe only a fraction of what I experienced. I’m sorry but when I push myself up into observing something like this, the challenge for me is to make it stick in my waking-consciousness memory. It’s a lot like trying to remember a dream. I might remember more in the future, especially when I return to the temple site and work there. In the meantime I’d like to emphasize how ALIVE the temple is when you visit there and to please speak to the deva, to thank her and bless her. Don’t think of her as something removed just because you might not see or perhaps even feel her. The more you engage with her, the more likely you are to “get a tangible response.”